A New Beginning

The birth of a new baby, a special celebration event of welcoming your child into the family and the community.It gives the opportunity to anounce the name of the child and to promise and support them throughout thier life. The written, ceremony can be customed to suit each individuals needs of the family. There is a wide variety and choices, poems and readings for that special touch,and a copy of the ceremony will be presented. A certificate of Naming of the child will be presented to the parents, godparents,guardians, mentors and grandparents, the choice is yours.

This replaces the religious tradition of baptism if you require a non religious ceremony.

You can also choose many rituals to give it that special touch.

 Balloons: A balloon release to represent hopes and good fortune.
 Wish Box: Everyone writes a wish or personal message for the child and kept in the box as a special keepsake.
 Fairy Dust: Used as a blessing special words/wishes as they sprinkle the coloured dust over the childs feet.
 Tree Planting: The parents and godparents and guests can help pour the soil for planting a tree as a symble of establishment of the childs home roots.
 Photograph/Signature Poster: A large canvas is set up for everyone to write or place a photo or message for the child as a momentum of the day to cherish.
 Unity Candle: A candle represent the combining of the baby’s family and may be lit by the parents and godparents as a symbol of their love.
 Sand: Each person chosen takes a vase that contains sand of their favourite colour.
The sand colours represent their personalities and individuality. As the sand is poured into the Vase, their personalities combine to become one inseparable entity, this is symbolic of the sand never being separated again.

The ceremony is also a way of family bonding for adoptive and stepchildren Naming Ceremony can be performed for parents whether they are married or not. It does not have any impact on the spiritual or religious beliefs or ethnic and cultural background. The ceremony may be held in any place of your choice and at any time.
Naming Ceremonies or any of the documents issued have no legal status.

A Baby is a Blessing, A Gift from Heaven above, A Precious Little Angel, To Cherish and to Love.