Pet Memorials

A Loyal Friend To Remember

Pets are a part of our family for a long time they are a true friend when you need one.

When your pet dies you feel lost and deeply upset as they have shared part of thier life with the family, our pets give us so much love in the short time they are around.

They love us for who we are and they are unjudgemental and all they need is for us to love them back.

So we lose our pet friend and we still go through the grieving stage process which is as painfull as losing any other member of the family or friend.

They are our companion and friend and we never have to feel alone.
You might like to have your pet cremated and have the ashes returned in a lovely urn so that one day you might like to have a scattering of ashes ceremony in a place of your choice.
A pet memorial is a lovely ceremony that will help lay your pet to rest in a favourite place.

You will never forget your loving pet and how much joy they have given for the time they spent with you.

A memorial candle with a photo of your pet is a nice keep sake which I provide as a gift to you.

Tears heal, memories comfort, love lives on forever.Author unknown