Marriage Celebrant, JP​​  


Rituals that can be performed by celebrants these are just a few samples.

Ritual Elements for Weddings

Unity Candles:

A candle to represent the combining of the couple’s families and may be lit by the bride and groom as a symbol of their marriage.

Also for a Naming and Christening as a welcome into the family and community.


The white dove is a universal symbol of faith and fidelity and embodies the hope of new beginnings.

That is why couples choose to include white doves in their wedding ceremonies.


The butterfly symbolizes new beginnings and rebirths.

This part of thae celebration is usually at the conclusion of the ceremony.


A handfasting is a wedding where traditionally the wrists of the couple are bound together with a cord or ribbon.

This symbolizes the commitment and the coming together as one also known as “tying the knot”


The bride and groom have each chosen a vase that contains sand of their favourite colour.

The sand colours represent their personalities and individuality.

As the sand is poured into the Vase, their personalities combine to become one inseparable entity, this is symbolic of the sand never being separated again.


The bride and groom each take a carafe of wine and pour it into a single glass, which they both drink from, two different lives coming together to make one life, when red wine and white wine are poured into one, the wine becomes a rose.


The rose is symbolic.

The bride and groom exchange two red roses or other colour of your choice, symbolizing the giving and receiving of their love for each other.


Each stone represents a special wish that the couple can take with them to reflect on during their married life together all guests can place a stone into the thier jar or bowl as a special wish to the couple.

Warming of the rings:

With a ring warming not only is it a gift from each other but a blessing from all family and friends that are there to celebrate your happy marriage and life together it is past around to each guest giving thier wishes and blessing before the exchange of rings during the vows.


From an ancient custom, you can “lock each others love” to your beloved who is important in your life.

Engraving your names and message on a love lock is a way of saying “I love you” and setting a special meaning to your relationship the love of your life.

Jumping the broom:

This “leap” into a new life is performed in the presence of families and friends.and “sweeping away” their previous single lives, and jumping over the broom to enter upon a new life as husband and wife.

There are many more rituals that also can be included, maybe you have one you wish to use.

Balloon Release:

Garland or Lei Ceremony:

Salt Ceremony:

Truce Bell:

Breaking of the glass:

Ritual Elements for Baby Naming/Christening

Balloons: A balloon release to represent hopes and good fortune.

Wish Box: Everyone writes a wish or personal message for the child and kept in the box as a special keepsake.

Fairy Dust: Used as a blessing special words/wishes as they sprinkle the coloured dust over the childs feet.

Tree Planting: The parents and godparents and guests can help pour the soil for planting a tree as a symble of establishment of the childs home roots.

Photograph/Signature Poster: A large canvas is set up for everyone to write or place a photo or message for the child as a momentum of the day to cherish.

The ceremony is also a way of family bonding for adoptive and stepchildren. 

Naming Ceremony can be performed for parents whether they are married or not. It does not have any impact on the spiritual or religious beliefs or ethnic and cultural background. The ceremony may be held in any place of your choice and at any time.

Naming Ceremonies or any of the documents issued have no legal status.

Ritual colours and thier meanings

Red : Love, Passion, the strength of the will, Fertility and courage

Green : Nature and renewal, health, riches, prosperity, beauty and luck

Yellow : Joy, a sunny disposition, optimism, consistency, friendship, attraction

Light Blue : Peace, patience, tranquility, good health or understanding

Dark Blue : Strength and virility, longevity, loyalty, trust, commitment

Purple : Royalty, strength, health and vitality, power, sophistication

Pale Pink : Love, truth, playfulness, happiness, tenderness or unity

Hot Pink : Romance, “girl power”

Brown : Nurturing and caring, home

Black : Wisdom, strength, success, sophistication

Silver : Vision, protection, inspiration and glamour

Gold : Wealth or prosperity, strength, unity, prestige or success

White : Peace, innocence

Champagne : Refinement, conservative, traditional